At Home-2010

At Home-2010
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An archival television recording of interviews and reminiscences of people who went through the massive socio-cultural changes of the 60's.

For better or worse, arguably the 60's changed the world.

I am compiling a videotaped record of the people who lived it, and/or changed the 60's.

We will be shooting all over the world, but mainly in the Westernised countries of Europe, UK, North America and the South Pacific.

The tapes will be used to create a mammoth documentary series on how the 60's influenced the world.

This oral/visual history will consist of interviews with regular people, 'stars' and anyone with something to say.

Visual elements needed are home photos-stills/movie/video/archival material, and updated shots of now.

The project is in the formative stage. I need input from people willing to contribute their time or personal interviews, to this aural/visual archive.

The people that 'made' the 60's, are now in their 60's.
This massive TV documentary needs to be done NOW!

Aural history, is how the bible was passed down, and how we will more personally remember each era.

It is working for every decade since radio & television were invented.

Lets's do it for the 60's. We after all, have the technology.


I need interested parties and willing participants, to contact me at:



Welcome to my first blog. Actually it will be a video blog, not filled with my tiresome musings, but hopefully resplendant with creative television programs and other visual detritus.

I am a Television Producer/Director/Writer by trade. 1967-??

The blog will have thoughtful, insightful, superbly crafted, award-winning motion pictures, devoted to humour and information, presented in an entertaining manner.

It will also contain some home movies shot between 1969 and the present, as well as a few television programs that I have produced and directed over the years.

I have done about 2137 documentaries, TV series and episodes since 1967; most of them I don't have copies of, as I didn't, and still don't, own them.
I mostly worked for networks and production companies in Canada.
Before 1985 much of it was shot on film, before we had home video to record them off air.

In 1973, I interviewed 2 veterans of the Boer War, 1899-1902.

After the film had been on the air, the network, CTV, threw the film away!

This was historic original footage of guys who fought in a war during Queen Victoria's reign. (They were about 97 at the time of the interview).

I still can't believe that CTV could chuck an important piece of history into the bin...Bastards!

What I do have are from old VHS or Betamax that happened to be lying around in boxes. Some of it is not in great shape.

Please check out the titles here, then go to YOU TUBE and view them on my channel-


FYI, please check out the WADE FAMILY HISTORY at my son Adam's site...

"It is a sordid account of wanton disregard for human values and great skill at wrecking ships off the Cornish coast since 1137 AD. ;-)"

(We love it. Adam Wade is continuing the job done by Jean Wade of Yakima WA. and Arthur Wade of Trevalga Cornwall England, who have done a fantastic job of research over a period of 80 years)

My eldest son Markus, is motorcycling around the world...Check out his travels and adventures...

Mt Steele, Yukon

Mt Steele, Yukon
Base camp, 10,000 feet

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Tony Wade is an Award-Winning International Television Producer/Director/Writer. He is the recipient of the International Film and TV Festival of New York Medal, among many others. In his 40 years in the business, he spent 20 years with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, as well as other networks. He has been a partner in TV production companies, and freelance for many networks and production facilities. His work has taken him to Australia, USA, Yukon/NWT and all areas of Canada. His four children, Markus (44), Adam (35), Christopher (21), and Hayley (19), live in Canada. His granddaughter Sadie (15)and grandson Mason (2) also live in Canada. His company 'Yesterday Studio' is currently editing videos and developing television programs and internet video content, including production and distribution, based in St Leonards-on-Sea, England. Tony is available for Producing/Directing/Writing and Editing worldwide. -

Thursday, 8 July 2010

"40 Years After. The Cheyenne Winter Come Together (again)"

This epic reunion Came Together on June 19th 2010, at Ma-Me-O Beach, Alberta, Canada, 40 years after the rock shows 'Come Together', were on the CTV network.


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Olajide After Barkley

A blast from 1988...
6 months after being beaten for the IBF Middleweight title by Frank Tate in Vegas , Michael Olajide suffered another defeat, this time by Iran Barkley. Was his silky career in tatters? He talked exclusively to Pacific Report in 1988.
[9' 30"] (Please copy and paste)

Monday, 15 March 2010

'Come Together', Shows '1 & 2'~1969-70

Chilliwack, Shirley Lorene, Laurie Bardsley, Alan Rhody ++ Done on Bradstreet, Martin & Sally, (Markus Wade), Wanda Walker...
Come Together shows 1 & 2, 1969-1970.
[50 Mins]

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

'Come Together' shows '3 & 4'~1969-70

Classic Rock shows we did in Calgary, 1969-1970.
Come Together, shows '3 & 4'.
Happy Feeling. Jay Mack. Russ Thornberry. Painter. Shirley Lorene. Laurie Bardsley. 1969-70
***Note*** This is the ONLY video in existance, of PAINTER !
[47 mins]

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Bev...the movie

Winnipeg, 1973 and a visit to the zoo with Bev Brand and Dale Hogie, as well as Susan and Simon Wade...It was a good day as far as I recall...
[6' 20"]

Friday, 6 November 2009

Lest We Forget

My little tribute to the heroes of all wars.
[3' 15"]

Sunday, 1 November 2009


In 1980, while at CBC's 'Pacific Report', Wendy Strazdine and I, made a short film called "Apprehensions".

It was about Native Indian children being apprehended and placed in Non-Native foster homes, thereby taking them away from their indigineous culture.

This film helped change the laws regarding the fostering of First Nations' children.
[16 mins]